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Paddle trips on the Danube River

You will paddle down the Danube River through Devinska brana (medieval Porta Hungarica) from Hainburg, a small Austrian town with rich history to Bratislava, capital of Slovakia.

Hainburg is a town with ruins of medieval castle. On our way we will observe two more castle ruins. But first we will paddle through the narrower part of the Danube River with fast stream. During hot summer day you can jump to the river and if you dive a little you can hear a murmur of gravel rolled by fast current. You can even hear sounds of rolling gravel by putting your ear at a bottom of your canoe.

Then you can observe on your right remnants of the Rothelstein Castle. Then follows a confluence of the Morava and Danube River just below the Devin Castle ruins - majestic castle on a limestone cliff. You can notice a difference of water color. Morava, is a little brown colored. But the Danube River is much stronger than the Morava River.

Later the Devinska brana pass gradually expands, but the Danube current is still quite narrow and fast. We can follow pebble beaches on both sides of Austro-Slovakian border. There are also fishing lodges on Austrian side. At the end we can see from distance the fourth castle which dominates Bratislava and the Danube River - the Bratislavsky Hrad Castle.

Distance from Hainburg to our boathouse in Karlova Ves is 12.3 km. This is about one and half hour of paddling.

For beginners with no paddle experiences we use safe catamarans - two canoes connected together, single sea kayaks are available, too.

How it works: We meet at a boathouse in Karlova Ves in Bratislava. We pick up participants and ride by a coach to Hainburg in Austria (about 25 minutes), where our starting point is. After short instruction we start paddling through the river pass in Karpaty Mountains.

If you are not experienced canoe riders, we put two canoe together and create a safe catamaran.

Included is a paddle, life saving jacket, a guide for a group.

You can go to Hainburg on your own by a bicycle. Then we bring your bikes back to Bratislava.

For minimum 4 people.

Paddle trips on the Morava River are available too.

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Katamaran on the Danube River
Picture by Vladimir Bibel

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